ZM All Natural Iguana Food / Adult 283gr - - €6.50
Omschrijving:All natural! No artificial colors, flavors, scents or preservatives. Just the good stuff!

Naturally fortified with Spirulina, bee pollen and beta carotene. Natural additives provide essential amino acids, enzymes and vitamins to promote overall health and vigor! Yummy!

Vitamin C naturally preserves freshness.

First soft moist pellet formula. No need to add water!

Sun dried alfalfa based (naturally calcium/phosphorus balanced 2:1) instead of corn (unbalanced calcium/phosphorus 1:13).

We do not use unnecessary fillers or bake our foods full of air to cut costs! (Less expensive per ounce than corn-based foods.)

100% complete money-back guarantee!

Food is based on legumes, which is what iguanas eat in the wild!


Prijs:€6.50  ( Laagste Prijs Garantie )